About KC

After a lifetime of buying, selling, and renovating homes and acquiring rental properties, for KC a move into real estate was only a matter of not if, but when.

This followed a long career of commercial and financial management in medium and large sized businesses and corporates in both New Zealand and Australia, focusing on trading and international and joint venture operations.

A long-time resident of the North Shore, KC has a wealth of knowledge, not only about property in the area, but also about the virtues of living on the Shore.

As a Mike Pero Business Owner I have a service ethos that we know is second to none, an attitude that is totally positive and focused, and the experience to garner you the absolute best result.

At Mike Pero, we’re a little different in our approach, and the way we do things. We’re entirely focused on you, the Vendor, the person who engages us.  We like it, and we think you will too.